Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth Amateur Swimming Club

‘much more than just a swimming club’

Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth Amateur Swimming Club is a competitive swimming team based in Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth swimming pools.

The club has competitive swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo teams and with something for everyone, you will find an aquatic activity that you will love at Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC.
The club has links with local council and private ‘Learn to Swim’ programmes and has a family friendly ethos to make everyone welcome. Our motto is “SWIMMING FOR ALL” and we make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to further their swimming career.

At Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC there is a dedicated team of swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo coaches who provide safe, fun and challenging swimming sessions.

The club has attained swiMark and SynchroMark, Scottish Swimming’s club accreditation schemes for swimming and synchronised swimming, nationally recognised standards which certifies that Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth ASC has demonstrated a commitment in the development of safe, effective and child friendly environments, based on best practise to improve swimmers, teachers, coaches and volunteers and to encourage lifelong participation through sustainable swimming development pathways.

With something for everyone, you will find that Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC is much more than just a swimming club.
For more information on any of our great activities – Swimming, Synchro and Water Polo then please click on the logos below, visit our web page or contact our club at the email below.


KKASC Swim Team
KKASC Swim Team is the club’s competitive swimming team.

KKASC Swim Team caters for swimmers from approx. 7 years of age to 18 years old with our best swimmers competing at National level and our young swimmers are catered for within the graded and mini-meets.
The team of 15 fully qualified swimming and fitness coaches provide training sessions 7 days per week for the 100 strong swimming team.

The swim team is a great way to develop your swimming skills in all four competitive strokes, improve your fitness and take part in competitive races.

Arria Synchro
Arria Synchro was launched in 2014 and is the Synchronised Swimming section of Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC.
Arria have four fully qualified synchronised swimming coaches and provide synchro skills, routines and the club’s qualified gymnastics coach provides gymnastics and movement to music development as part of the synchro programme.

If you enjoy dance, music and being part of a team, then you should give Synchro a try. You can create
your own routines with your friends, take your dance moves into the water and have great fun splashing about in the pool.

KKASC Water Polo
KKASC Water Polo is the newest section of Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC.
Water Polo is a fun, fast moving game combining the skills of swimming, basketball and rugby and was invented right here in Scotland.

KKASC Water Polo have four fully qualified water polo coaches and have developed a fun water polo programme competing in local water polo tournaments and inter club friendly matches.
If you are looking for a great way to get fit, learn new skills, make new friends and take part in a fun sport, then Water Polo is the game for you.

KKASC Water Polo – Fast, Fun, for Everyone.