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Community Partners

East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action

East  Dunbartonshire  Voluntary Action (EDVA) is based in Kirkintilloch. We are  recognised  by the Scottish Government and East Dunbartonshire Council as the Third Sector Interface throughout East Dunbartonshire.

We  have  a  primary role in ensuring the continuation and development of a vibrant Third Sector.

We   do  this  partnership  with  the  hundreds  of  volunteers,  community activists,  community groups, charities, businesses, social enterprises and other volunteer involving organisations that help to inspire people to take action and devote their energies to improving the world around them for the benefit  of  their  neighbours, their communities, their towns and villages and their environment.

Our Vision is:

There  are  high  levels of volunteering and public confidence in the Third Sector and social economy across East Dunbartonshire.

Our Mission is:

To  provide  strategic  direction  to  Third  Sector activity and community engagement  in East Dunbartosnhire in line with the Scottish Government and local SOA requirements.


What will be delivered?

  • Building the capacity of community and voluntary
  • organisations;

  • Volunteering development;
  • Social Enterprise development;
  • Promoting Community Engagement in decision-making;